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Dr. Paolo Bussei

Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia (INFM) 

Contribution: Energy-Technet: one year of experimentation results

Here we present a summary report of the results returned in response to the experimentation phase in some European and non-European Schools, within the project "Energy-Technet" supported by the Fifth Framework "Raising Public Awareness of Science" programme of the E.U. Commission. The aim of the discussion is to facilitate the dissemination, the transfer and the exchange of information and the exploitation of the results obtained. Indeed, if by one hand new multimedia technologies have shown their potential both in teaching scientific and technological subjects and in their popularization, on the other hand the heterogeneity of pedagogical practices renders difficult any attempt to "standardise" the use of educational multimedia. There are no "miracle receipts" in this field. Only the dissemination of information on individual experiments and results allow for the local adaptation of experiments that were conducted somewhere else in a similar pedagogical environment. Furthermore, a better knowledge of current practices should help lift the reluctance of some teachers and parents to endorse new educational technologies. Trough the projection of some examples we will show the improvements to the multimedia.