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Prof. Dr. Ton Ellermeijer

AMSTEL Institute University of Amsterdam

Contribution: ePhys: A European project to implement good practice of ICT with high school Physics teachers

Authors: Ton Ellermeijer, Frank Schweickert, Ewa Mioduszewska (AMSTEL Institute University of Amsterdam)

In the framework of Minerva (EC) a project is carried out by 3 Universities and 5 schools involving 5 European countries. The "ePhys" project seeks to promote European co-operation among teachers, learners, and researchers for an effective use of ICT in the teaching of Physics. ePhys started end of 2002.
We like to report on the results of the project up to now:
- training of teachers in the technologies to be used for micro-computer based labs, digital video, modelling and applets for physics
- try-outs by teachers of exemplary materials
- development by the participating Institutes of new applications of these tools.
In the second year of the project more emphasis will be given to the dissimination of support and curriculum materials to other teachers in Europe.