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Vegard Engstrom, M.Sc.

Simplicatus AS

Contribution: The SUPERCOMET Project - developing new educational material for upper secondary physics

According to the Physics On Stage conference at CERN, Geneva in November 2000, there is a crisis in physics education, and a need for revitalization of physics teaching. The SUPERCOMET project started in December 2001 and runs until June 2004 with financial support through the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme. SUPERCOMET targets on-the-job training of physics teachers through offering a new toolkit for inspiring and encouraging pupils to learn exciting physics in a non-traditional fashion.
Combining modern pedagogical methods (e.g. collaborative learning and student-centered problem solving) with computer animations, the SUPERCOMET project aims to develop a computer application that will connect the intriguing phenomenon of superconductivity with the curricula subjects of upper secondary schools in several countries. An accompanying teacherís guide and in-service teacher training seminar will ensure that the developed tools and methods are successfully implemented. 
The MTPL 8 Conference in Prague provides an excellent opportunity for dissemination of the newly developed materials, as well as a chance to get feedback from the conference participants. This feedback will be useful for the continued development and production of new modules in the project throughout the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004.