Participants - details

Professor Hans - Jörg Jodl

University of Kaiserslautern

Contribution: Report on available multimedia material for teaching optics at school and university level

The working group 5 of EUPEN (M.Benedict, E.Debovska, H.Jodl, L.Mathelitsch, R.Sporken) had collected all available links (about 250) and had evaluated them according to criteria. A list of these links will be distributed and very few will be recommanded as good material for use in teaching.

Contribution: Criteria to evaluate multimedia material

The working group 5 (M.Benedict, E.Debovska, H.Jodl, L.Mathelitsch, R.Sporken) will suggest such a list for discussion. This list was established on the basis what is known in literature on that matter. The aim should be that most of the participants will agree on such a list as a standard tool.