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Dr. Ivan Kolarov

Higher School of Transport

Contribution:  Computerized Laboratory in Science and Technology Teaching: Methods in Machine Elements

The Computer registration of physical and mechanical quantities gives a lot of possibilities of machine elements and mechanisms research. The advantages of well-organized computer laboratory both technical and methodological, namely: Registration and on-line observation of a number of processes with random speed; replacement of high-cost specialized laboratory equipment; mathematical data processing; solving educational problems by modern technologies; dealing both with machine objects and ICT by oneself.

The purpose of the paper is to present the results of implementation of universal computer system of registering physical and mechanical quantities in the laboratory in Machine Elements at Todor Kableshkov Higher School of Transport, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Physical and mechanical quantities such as force, linear and angle displacement, etc. are examined according to electrical method. The results are obtained by special stands and the quantities are registered by an universal interface and software. After mathematical processing some characteristics and properties important for practice have been obtained such as diagram of pressing/impressing of pressed fit joints, bearing, coefficient of friction, shaft angle speed, etc.

The interface and software used allow to students to make the electrical scheme of measuring by them and to acquire self-confidence of solving such problems in practice.