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Prof. Nadezhda Nancheva

 University of Rousse, Department of Physics

Contribution: Web based multimedia application for teaching Optical Phenomena

N. Nancheva, M. Tzvetanova, S. Stoyanov
University of Rousse, Bulgaria

The spread of computers and the Internet facilitates the use of multimedia products as a support for teaching. This paper presents a web-based application, that will be used for teaching and learning Optical Phenomena, especially at engineering course. The content of the application is divided into four parts: Geometric Optics, Optical Devices, Wave Optics and Quantum Optics, which are linked to each other. The micromodules are realized taking full advantage of the multimedia and ICT tools. The application contains and proposes a high number of traditional and interactive examples and applications. Emphasis is put on the motivation of students and stimulating their interest in Optical Phenomena and generally in physics.