Participants - details

Professor Valfrid Pashkevich

Daugavpils University

Contribution: Visualization of physical fields

Scientific investigation is the obligatory part of studies in univeristies. Multimedia helps understand much deeper physical phenomena and can sufficiently improve the methods of scientific investigations during studies. Speaking about visualization of physical fields the simplest experiment is an obtaining of electric and magnetic fields pattern. In our research subsurface imaging of biological tissues (blood vessels) and stress field distribution is demonstrated by employing polarization discrimination of backscattered light. Such a technique provides enhancement of visibility of relatively deep (mm range) subsurface structure via processing of depolarized images obtained using polarized illumination and electrooptical modulation in the detection channel. Additional spectral discrimination in VIS and near IR spectral region leads to an effective imaging in tissues and other turbid media. Co-authors: Prof. Guntis Liberts, Mag.Phys. Angelika Pashkevich.

Contribution: Oscillatory motion and waves

Oscilatory motion and waves is one of the most interesting and important themes in the physics studies. At the same time those themes are complicate for preception in the different levels of studies. Multimedia Centre and Department of Physics of Daugavpils University offers large scale of teaching aids in physics for secondary schools and establishments of higher education of Latvia. The most interesting physical experiments relating to theme mentioned above and cotainind all features of the multimedia technology could be described and demonstrated during the conference. Co-author: Prof. Pavel Drozdov.