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Mr. Oleg Syurin

Gymnasium 14, Kharkov

Contribution: About a teacherís role and a value of methodical strategies in a multimedia based physics teaching

In the daily practice we often have to deal with teachers who take the first steps in using a MM based pedagogical strategies.

We can see the following:
1. Without special techniques of application, i.e. themselves MM technologies are poorly effective. It concerns both traditional and distance learning. 
2. Itís seldom when the teacher himself is ready to develop techniques of application of MM resources. 

As a result, even at presence of necessary hardware and software and the positive attitude to a such educational technologies, itís not often possible to see MM-lessons in the schools. To stimulate teachers to use MM at their physics lessons we organized a permanent special workshops on using the information technologies in teaching physics. 

At these seminars the teachers get acquainted not only with software of general purpose and computer programs for the knowledge acquisition, the computer programs modelling physical processes, electronic multimedia textbooks, means for testing and self-testing etc, but mainly with methodical packages of papers of "how to work with this programs on physics lessons". We are ready to present some of these programs and papers.