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Associate Professor Dimitrios Zevgolis

Hellenic Open University

Contribution: Implementation of a new Authoring Tool to provide Distance Educational Courses over 2.5 G Wireless Telecommunications Platforms

D. Zevgolis, Hellenic Open University, Greece and S. Kotsopoulos, Wireless Telecommunications Laboratory, University of Patras, Greece

A new distance education authoring tool is presented, in order to manipulate and to implement special educational courses. The involved informational entities consists from one hand of a special designed database, video and Web server, and from the other hand of JAVA programming.
The structure of the multimedia environment consists of a Communications Server, a number of Multimedia Terminals and the Data base that contain text, video, sound, graphics still images and data items. The video items are taken from a satellite informational Packet. The satellite receiving terminal consists of a satellite antenna and the satellite receiver.
The implementation of a pilot Distant Education Application on a scientific or technological topic is tested in a number of closed users (learners). The pilot application has been implemented on the 2.5 G wireless network (GSM GPRS) infrastructure.
Finally, the Quality of Service parameters (i.e. BER) have been investigated and compared to other telecommunications infrastructures (i.e. ADSL, ATM and fixed B-ISDN).