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Sunday 14th September 

10.00-13.00 Registration (University Campus)
13.00 Bus excursion - sightseeing through Prague
16.00 String concert on St. Antonius church (see program)
17.15-17.45 Registration (University Campus)
19.30 Informal dinner

Monday 15th September

8.30-8.40 Invitation Milan Tichy, Ivan Netuka (dean of the faculty),Hans-Jörg Jodl
8.40-9.25 Wolfgang Christian Davidson College, USA INVITED TALK: Developing Open Source Programs for Upper Level Science and Mathematics Chair: Bruce Mason
9.25-9.55 Hans - Jörg Jodl University of Kaiserslautern, Germany Report on available multimedia material for teaching optics at school and university level
Ewa Debowska Wroclaw University, Poland
9.55-10.20 Mihaly Benedict Department of Theoretical Physics, Szeged, Hungary Review of available multimedia materials in interference and diffraction
10.20-10.45 Poster presentation - first session
10.45-12.00 Coffee break, visit to interactive posters
12.00-12.25 Leopold Mathelitsch Inst. f. Theor. Physik, Univ. Graz, Austria Multimedia in Austrian Physics Education Chair: Urbaan Titulaer

Ivan Kolarov

Higher School of Transport, Sofia, Bulgaria Computerized Laboratory in Science and Technology Teaching: Methods in Machine Elements
13.00-14.15 lunch
14.20-15.05 Stefan Altherr University of Kaiserslautern, Germany INVITED TALK: Developing Videos for an Introductory Course on Physics - Examples and Experiences for Motivation, Demonstration and Exercises Chair: Svetlana Ignatjeva
Hans - Jörg Jodl
15.05-15.30 Tomasz Greczylo University of Wroclaw, Poland Video Measurement Web Page
15.30-15.55 Euripides Hatzikraniotis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece VideoJavaLab: A web based lab to study motion
15.55-16.20 Paolo Bussei INFM, Parma, Italy Energy-Technet: one year of experimentation results
16.20-17.00 Coffee break, visit to interactive posters
17.00-17.25 Guntis Liberts Daugavpils University, Latvia Visualization of physical fields Chair: Ewa Mioduszewska
Valfrid Pashkevich
17.25-17.50 Vegard Engstrom

Simplicatus AS, Trondheim, Norway

The SUPERCOMET Project - developing new educational material for upper secondary physics
17.50-18.15 Piet Molenaar

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

@Beta Digital multimedia materials for education in biology, chemistry and physics
18.15-18.50 General discussion Discussion leader: Hans-Jörg Jodl
19.30 Workshop dinner

Tuesday 16th September


Bruce Mason

University of Oklahoma, USA INVITED TALK: MERLOT resources for evaluation and sharing of learning objects

Chair: Ladislav Drska

9.15-9.45 Hans - Jörg Jodl University of Kaiserslautern, Germany Criteria to evaluate multimedia material
9.45-10.10 Renata Holubova Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic Experiences in using multimedia in teaching molecular physics and thermodynamics
10.10-10.35 Svetlana Ignatjeva University of Daugavpils, Latvia Interactive screen tools for measurements on images of physical phenomena
Tomass Romanovskis University of Hamburg, Germany
10.35-10.55 Poster presentation - second session
10.55-12.00 Coffee break, visit to interactive posters
12.00-12.25 Miroslav Jilek Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Collisions and rotations Chair: Ewa Debowska
12.25-12.50 Jaromir Kekule Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Teaching Electricity and Electronics at secondary school
13.00-14.15 lunch
14.20-15.05 Ladislav Drska Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic INVITED TALK: Contemporary Development Concepts for E-Learning in Physics Chair: Helmut Hilscher
15.05-15.30 Milan Sinor Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic Non-Commercial Development Tools for Curricular Materials for E-Learning in Physics
15.30-16.10 Coffee break, visit to interactive posters
16.10-16.35 Tatyana Shtanko Kharkov State Technical University of Radio-Electronics, Ukraine About a teacher’s role and a value of methodical strategies in a multimedia based physics teaching Chair:Vegard Engstrom
Oleg Syurin Gymnasium 14, Kharkov, Ukraine
16.35-17.00 Ton Ellermeijer 

AMSTEL Institute University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

ePhys: A European project to implement good practice of ICT with high school Physics teachers
Frank Schweickert
Ewa Mioduszewska

General discussion, closing remarks

Discussion leader: Wolfgang Christian

Poster presentations

First section - Monday:

Antonio Andonov Higher School of Transport Todor Kableshkov, Sofia, Bulgaria Computerized Laboratory in Science and Technology Teaching Course Radio-Communication
Galina Cherneva Higher School of Transport Todor Kableshkov, Sofia, Bulgaria Computerized Laboratory in Science and Technology Teaching: Course Stress Resonance
Karla Hola Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia Computer-based measurements in distance education of in-service teachers
Dimitrios Zevgolis Hellenic Open University, Patras, Greece Implementation of a new Authoring Tool to provide Distance Educational Courses over 2.5 G Wireless Telecommunications Platforms
Theodor Duenbostl Bundesgymnasium Wien 10, Vienna, Austria

Examples for best practice in physics teaching

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Second section: Tuesday

Nadezhda Nancheva University of Rousse, Bulgaria Web based multimedia application for teaching Optical Phenomena
Svetlin Stoyanov University of Rousse, Bulgaria Teaching Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics using modern methods
Jorge Trindade Centre for Computational Physics, Coimbra, Portugal Learning about phases of matter and phase transitions with virtual environments
Valfrid Pashkevich Daugavpils University, Latvia Oscillatory motion and waves

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Program of the baroque concert

  1. Thomas Morley: Three Renaissance Songs
  2. Marain Marais: Pieces en Trio: Suite II. g moll
    Prelude, Sarabande, Gigue, Gavotte, Menuet, Plainte, Air, Pettite passacaille
  3. Pietro Locatelli: Sonata Prima for flute, violin and basso continuo: 
    Andante, Largo Andante,Allegro, Vivace
  4. Georg Philipp Telemann: 39. Triosonata e moll for flute, violin and basso continuo:
    Largo, Allegro, Largo, Allegro
Performing the Baroque trio Moravia: 

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