Information for speakers


There will be available both the overhead projector and the dataprojector (beamer) with remote control. You can use our computer with dataprojector (preferred) or you can connect your notebook to dataprojector RGB cable.

Presentation computer

There will be provided a reasonably fast "presentation computer" connected to Internet in the workshop room close to the speaker's stand. The computer will be running Windows xp Professional (English version) and Office xp Professional (English version). Software Adobe Acrobat version 5.05b will also be installed on the "presentation computer" for those speakers who prepared their presentations as a portable document file (pdf).
For copying of your presentation to the presentation computer disk there will be available the following media readers: standard 3.5" diskette drive, CD drive, ZIP250 drive (can read also ZIP100 disks), USB connector and software driver for flash memory sticks. Larger presentations up to 512MB we can copy from your notebook to our computer without the need of the network connection using our USB flash memory stick (provided you have the USB connector an the respective software driver). 


Bottle of mineral water and disposable cup will be provided for speakers on the table close to the speaker's stand.

Internet connection

Every speaker who needs to use Internet for his/her presentation can use our "presentation computer" that will be connected to Internet. You will need just to copy your presentation to our computer. Your notebooks cannot be connected to Internet with the exception of speakers who sent us the MAC (hardware) address of the network card of their notebooks.

E-mail/Internet service

A computer room located close to the main lecture hall furnished by approximately 10 computers will be freely available for e-mail/Internet for every participant during reasonable day period (8-18 hours) of Monday and Tuesday.